Focusing on quality: RBX Programming’s ISO certificates

From RBX we always seek excellence in our work and projects and, in order to guarantee it, the best way is by certifying the company in the areas that correspond to our industry and needs explained further below and that, on the other hand, are vital to ensure the trust of our customers, employees and for the company’s image. These certifications are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001.

ISO certifications are the hallmark to prove that RBX offers quality in each service through an official entity, in this case through the European Institute for Business Standardization (IENE). In addition, to be constantly updated, we carry out periodic reviews to confirm that we continue to comply with all the required standards, and continue showing our care for the security and trust of the ones around RBX.

In addition, thanks to these certifications we can detect the risks that may exist easier and establish quality measures to control them and, minimize them as soon as possible, or even anticipating them by knowing the context in which we move by analyzing the internal and external factors that can influence us.

Furthermore, opportunities are also detected easier, and can be seized at the right time. We are able to react to incidents or non-conformities and take measures to monitor and correct them, continuously evaluate and implement corrective actions.

RBX ISO Certificates

1. Quality management system. ISO 9001

As we always say, we are a company that aims to achieve the higher quality in its services. To do it, we have established the following mandatory rules:

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers based on an affable treatment and an extra effort in our services, as well as the direct communication with our customers.

To meet all the requirements and needs of our clients, those of legal type in the field of quality that may affect them, and in others that the organization can subscribe to.

We are committed to continuously improving both the quality of our products and services, as well as the Quality Management System that we have in place.

We achieve a high competitiveness in the market, based on the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Establish effective controls on our suppliers, from the point of view of quality in products, services and work realization.

Provide training and tools to our employees to actively collaborate in the company’s development and continuous improvement.

Establish and review annually several objectives that guarantee improvements in quality.

We achieve the optimal economic return corresponding to the capital used.

2. Environmental management systems. ISO 14001

From RBX, we develop our activity in the field of intelligent and responsible automation for industries of the future.

The entire organization assumes as a priority characteristic in its management the continuous improvement of its processes, in order to maintain a responsible environmental behavior with the environment and society. Therefore:

We are committed to project to the whole organization the continuous improvement in its processes, and to prevent the pollution that they could generate, by implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System that guarantees this task.

We set consistent environmental objectives and goals within this Policy, which allow us to control and improve these processes, as well as prevent and minimize the actual and potential environmental impacts of our activity.

We are committed to reducing and optimizing the consumption of natural resources, as a contribution to the preservation of the environment.

We comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to the development of our activities and the binding environmental management, implementing the necessary measures to do so.

We act decisively facing those significant incidents that may affect the environment, applying the preventive or corrective necessary actions that may be appropriate and verifying its effectiveness.

We promote the awareness of our organization, customers, suppliers, and others in the care of the principles set out in this Policy.

We maintain an open and collaborative relationship with public entities, companies in our surroundings and other goups, towards policies and actions for the environmental protection and conservation.

3. Information Security Management. ISO 27001

With it, from RBX we are committed to:

Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.

Comply with all of our clients requirements and needs, both those of legal type in the field of information security that affect us, as well as others that the organization may subscribe to.

Ensure the proper protection, preservation and safeguarding of information and corporate systems, attending to the interests and needs of our customers.
Manage information security risks that facilitate the identification, evaluation and implementation of controls, monitoring and tracking of risk levels.

Provide training and tools to our employees to actively collaborate in the company’s development and continuous improvement.

Establish and review annually several objectives that guarantee the information security.

Even with all this, we continue to improve day by day the efficiency in all of our processes: from the contracting to the end of our services, as well as improving the human, material and economic resources management.

Always two steps ahead.

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  1. hola Francisco.

    Enhorabuena para estos certifcados ISO,
    los que no hayan pasado por la certificación, muchas veces no saben valorarlo.
    saludos, hasta pronto.

    Winni Auerbach, InPro electric


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