A PLC is responsible for controlling all the processes that take place in an industrial automation ecosystem. In order to be able to control, the PLC must be programmed with information about the processes that we want to automate.

plc programming
plc programming

PLC Benefits

In addition, automating processes, brings considerable advances to a factory's production process:

✓ Ensure product quality.
✓ Eliminate waste: improve sustainability.
✓ Avoid safety-related accidents.

Within IoT and Industry 4.0, programmable controllers are made to communicate data via web browser, connect to databases via SQL and even to cloud data via MQTT".

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What are the phases of PLC programming in a project?

plc programming

1. Offline programming

Based on the documentation provided, we prepare in our offices the programs that will later be loaded into the installation. Once the online programming is done, the debugging of this code is done by means of Virtual commissioning.

plc programming

2. Interface programming

HMI, or “human machine interface”, is a screen with a simple and intuitive design for the operator to know the status of the machine and to intervene more efficiently if necessary.

plc programming

3. Virtual commissioning

Virtual commissioning is executed to be able to debug the PLC code and the user screens. The different operating modes of the installation are also tested.

plc programming

4. On-site implementation

The relevant tests are carried out from the start of the machine assembly until its final acceptance and delivery to the customer.

plc programming

5. Production control systems

Programming systems such as Scadas, MES, between others, to manage and control the entire production process from a single screen.

plc programming

6. Production support, operator training and documentation

From the start of production until the machine meets the expectations for which it was designed.

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In the RBX Robot Programming department, we take care of the design and development of the automation of any industrial process. We are specialists, above all, in the automotive sector. We know the standards of most manufacturers:

plc programming

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plc programming

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