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Mechanical Design

For centuries, the human being has used the resources that were at his disposal, together with his knowledge, to develop and make more efficient the activities of his environment. These were the beginnings of Mechanical Engineering.

RBX’s Mechanical Engineering department is committed to contribute with their bit in this phase of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, offering an experienced comprehensive field analysis and simulation of production processes. Within all this transformation in Process Automation, the mechanical design of the tools that will handle a product is the basis that underpins the rest of the engineering.

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RBX Programming, as an industrial service provider, is a company that has made its way through the international market and offers comprehensive engineering solutions, getting our Mechanical Design, Simulation and Technical Field Team teams to work closely.

Our project management high level skills, allows us to cut the times in project analysis and optimization of production processes, becoming an Agile, Global and Safe company.

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One of the features that stand out of our department is our great ability to work in a multidisciplinary way with the rest of the RBX departments, with the study and development of machines, equipment and facilities, always considering the ecological and economic aspects for the benefit of society and our customers.

Our goals are to offer solutions at a high level of demand and ensure maximum efficiency in each part of the production process, working together in 3 major areas:

Industrial Design

Designing of mechanisms based on basic physics principles or original parts to optimize production processes. The goal is to find ways to combine operations, eliminate wasted efforts and decrease the cycle time for the overall task, with the most economical approach to the industrial operation.

Using industrial design tools such as CATIA, AutoCAD and Solidworks, we develop automated cells to prepare and analyse manufacturing costs, plan, and optimize our customers production processes.

Technical Team

We offer our customers all the documentation for an optimal commissioning, start-up, and production lines operation, working with the latest tools and technologies required in the industry. RBX’s trajectory achieved in this sector supports us in the drafting and signing of new projects, as well as with their project and technical management.

Working on successive projects since the beginning, and our experience working alongside other companies, strengthens our ability to adapt to the demands of our customers and the project phases, having extra availability of experienced mechanical resources when they are most needed, always under the scope of demand and efficiency standards defined by RBX as the main supplier.

Process Optimization

Thanks to the use of several analysis software tools, as well as the off-line production processes development with Process Simulate or Robcad, we can check and optimize the commissioning process by eliminating possible off-line errors previous to the onsite works, drastically reducing the time and resources during the comissioning phases on site, with the joint work between office teams and field teams.

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