IoT and Industry 4.0

The digital transformation and the emergence of new technologies has led to a greater presence of IoT (Internet of Things) in Industry 4.0, which is the name given to the digitization phase in the industrial sector, which has generated a huge growth in productivity and optimization of resources, incorporating new technologies to monitor the entire production process.

In such a competitive sector, which is constantly evolving and expanding, more and more industrial companies are implementing IoT in their strategies with the aim of driving the path towards connectivity, focusing especially on improving quality control and maintenance of machinery.

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What is Industry 4.0 and IoT?

Industry 4.0 is the name given to the fourth industrial revolution, which, unlike the previous three, is not driven by the emergence of a new energy source, but by technology.

This new stage is based on the application of new technologies in industrial processes such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or robotics, which manage to greatly improve productivity, customer satisfaction and generate new business opportunities.

Focusing on IoT in Industry 4.0, companies in the industrial sector can perform tasks that until now were done by operators with machines, usually robots or computers that improve the efficiency of industrial processes at different levels, allowing to connect things that until now were not and obtain data that add value to production, which can be analyzed in real time.

Advantages of applying IoT in Industry 4.0

Maximize energy efficiency

The IoT emerges as a cutting-edge solution to boost energy efficiency programs, through the implementation of sensors that allow real-time and accurate monitoring of energy consumption, as well as measuring carbon dioxide emissions from each of its industrial facilities.

This approach not only allows for more comprehensive control, but also offers the opportunity to detect areas for improvement and take measures to reduce environmental impact, transforming the way companies manage their energy consumption and promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Optimize machinery maintenance

The Internet of Things makes it possible to optimize machinery maintenance, reducing equipment downtime, as well as the risk of serious breakdowns due to lack of maintenance, which could also lead to occupational accidents.

Improve production quality

The IoT will improve the quality of production and the service offered to customers, detecting in advance and controlling any problems that may arise.

The use of sensors is essential to maintain quality standards, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing human error. In addition, it also plays a key role in supply management, detecting potential risks related to theft or erroneous ingredient substitutions, and in the constant monitoring of resources.

Increased security

By monitoring important, IoT systems also allow to improve IT and worker safety, alerting in real time in case they detect any failure, thus reducing risks and occupational accidents significantly.

Improved business profitability

By automating production lines and improving operational efficiency, industrial automation reduces costs and improves the profitability of businesses, enabling them to enjoy significant economic savings.

By optimizing work patterns, it also reduces maintenance tasks and the need for machine inspections, minimizing the risk of breakdowns or problems of any kind.

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